Dr. Lisa Dempster

Dr. Lisa Dempster is a board-certified Psychiatry physician with certification in Addiction Medicine. She provides direct patient care as part of inpatient consult service.

Dr. Dempster is a bright example of compassionate and knowledgeable medical care. She stays abreast of the latest developments in addiction medicine.

She is always ready to provide consultation for emergent medical problems related to substance addiction.

Dr. Lisa Dempster has successful experience in addiction medicine and psychiatry, regularly improves their skills, uses the most effective methods and creates her own unique treatment methods.

Education and Experience:

  • MD with 22 years’ experience in substance abuse/recovery programs


  • Valid medical license in Ohio
  • Board Certified in Psychiatry
  • U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency Substance Registration Certificate (DEA)
  • Controlled Substance Registration Certificate
  • DEA X Number
  • Experience in a chemical dependency treatment environment

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