Roll or crawl? What is the best way to move through life, strive for dreams and goals? Of course, it is better to move at a good speed, which means that rolling is better than crawling. Hence, today’s topic – the wheel of life balance, or self-care wheel.

self care wheel

Life balance wheel is a time management and coaching technique. But everyone can deal with the peculiarities of technology.

Why is life balance needed?

Our life is subject to various third-party requirements. And if you follow them without hesitation and without correcting, you can exist for many years in an automatic mode. And then look back at the time that has passed and be horrified by the missed opportunities. In the past, one can easily see:

  • independently growing children;
  • a husband without affection and attention;
  • unnoticed development opportunities;
  • imperfect travel;
  • incomplete education;
  • unread books;
  • unrealized projects.

At this moment we understand that many areas of life were simply not covered. The days passed in a home-work-home rhythm or in another similar format, and everything else passed by.

You can avoid the pain of such disappointment. And you need to. To do this, you only need to do the exercise the wheel of life balance and understand why life still does not play with all the shades of the rainbow.

Orbs of the self-care wheel

  • The self-care wheel is a circle divided into segments, in which each zone corresponds to a certain area of life;
  • The traditional template of the self-care wheel (and other wheels such as equality wheel, teen power and control wheel, teen equality wheel) suggests using 8 spheres of life for analysis, but this number can be increased or decreased at the request of the person.

How to build the self-case wheel?

  1. Draw a circle – it is advisable to use a large sheet for this so that the image is clear and readable later;
  2. We divide the wheel of life into significant spheres – they will be different for each person;
  3. We evaluate each sphere on a 10-point system – the minimum score is placed closer to the center of the circle, the maximum – to the border. You can paint over each vital parameter with a separate color;
  4. We analyze the finished result.

Spheres of life on the self-care wheel

If the self-care wheel is being done for the first time, you should use the canonical variants of the spheres. And later, adjust the technique for yourself. Eight spheres of life balance:

  1. Physical condition. This is sports, maintaining health, good nutrition, adequate sleep – everything that shapes our physical body and contributes to its full activity;
  2. Personal relationships. This includes all the moments related to the family or just close relationships – parents, children, loved ones;
  3. Personal development. It is different for everyone but contributes to the formation of personality and its characteristics. You can evaluate the mind, character, knowledge, quality of habits, level of language proficiency;
  4. Career and income. This sphere of life of the self-care wheel primarily reflects the level of financial wealth;
  5. Friends. We are shaped by our environment, so it is very important to be able to assess our loved ones with an open mind;
  6. Brightness of life. This is everything that gives energy and fills you with positive. Most often, this includes emotional events – travel, entertainment, the acquisition of some new experience;
  7. Hobbies. The second source of vital energy is development in hobbies – activities that bring pleasure. There are also pleasant bonuses here – new sources of income, interesting acquaintances, creative discoveries;
  8. Spiritual realm. Each has its own spiritual realm. Religious people can continue to develop in this direction. For others, acquaintance with unknown religious dogmas, philosophy, reading the works of great people, studying the meaning of life or the principles of shamanism may be of interest. That is, this is all that goes beyond the material sphere and helps to strengthen the spirit.

Where to build the self-care wheel? To draw the spheres of life, you will need excel, a standard diary, and an A4 sheet.

Life balance analysis technique

The wheel of life technique, when a circle is already drawn and marked with estimates in each sphere, allows you to see sagging spheres. Frequent cases of imbalance is a preponderance of:

  • business to the detriment of family and health;
  • spiritual to the detriment of income and career;
  • friends to the detriment of work, development and family.

All of these options are equally bad.

The self-care wheel shows what has subsided at the current moment in time and suggests directions for work.

If a family is gaining low scores, you can plan a joint vacation or introduce some pleasant tradition. If a career is in the red, consider ways of professional development. If the spiritual sphere slows down the wheel, consider the options for developing this direction.

Don’t set global plans but real – for a week or a month. Consider two, three, four options.

After a month of active work, re-create the wheel of life balance and assess the changes. View new results and think over a further plan covering new areas or improving existing ones.

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